What Activities in Bayahibe can we do or what is the best to do in Bayahibe? These are the two most common questions people ask every day. With so much to do in this beautiful part of the country, it’s hard to list them all, so if you don’t find what you are looking for, Contact us

Beaches – With white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters it’s no wonder most people just sit, relax and enjoy it all. The hardest choice to make is whether to enjoy Playa Dominicus or Playa Bayahibe. Both offer access to beach chairs, food and drinks. For a truly unforgettable day, hire a car or boat and spend the day on a secluded beach or on an island. For those that don’t want to spend all days around many people, go to Playa Magallanes, it has more natural feel, away from the main touristy areas. You won’t find beach chairs there, but you will enjoy a quiet beach, the only sounds will be birds or waves coming occasionally to the rocky shore.

Scuba Diving is probably the heart and soul of Bayahibe. The town has many diving centers ready to take you on underwater adventures. Whether you need to get certified or just see the marvels of the Dominican this is the place. The south coast offers: wreck diving, cave dives, reef dives where you will find beautiful corals, stingrays, turtles and tons of tropical fish.

Snorkeling – with the crystal clear and warm water it’s no wonder the water is full of snorkelers, swimming around, enjoying the abundance of tropical fish. There are many tour operators offering snorkeling excursions to nearby Catalina, Saona and Catalinita Islands (restrictions might apply).

Horseback Riding – there are a few horse ranches in Bayahibe and Dominicus, so finding the right horse for you won’t be a problem. The tours are aimed at everyone’s riding ability and skills and really is one of the best ways to discover the natural beauty of the Dominican countryside at leisure.

Jungle River Tour – amphibious truck or a floating restaurant up the lush river jungles of the Chavon river. See for yourself the natural beauty of the country and experience some of the filming locations from both “Apocalypse Now” and “Jurassic Park” movies.

Buggy Tours – fun for people of all ages, these strange 4 wheeled vehicles will bring you pleasure and some new sensations.  It is in the heart of one of the country’s largest sugar cane plantations that you will discover driving one of these strange devices. Get ready to get dirty while driving through mud puddles.

Whale Watching – available only between January 15 and March 15 (officially), but sometimes the excursions continue even longer if the humpback whales are still around. So even if you are coming in the beginning of April, contact us if it’s still happening. It is beautiful and people should experience it at least once.

Fishing trips can be arranged if you want to reel in your own barracuda, tuna or dorado. Private boats and a whole day on the water. At the end of the day you can BBQ catch on a private beach enjoying the sunset.

Surfing at El Macao which is on the Atlantic coast offers surfers, experienced or beginners a great day in the waves. El Macao is the fishing village on the beautiful beach of Playa del Macao. UNESCO has declared this beach one of the best of the Caribbean for its fine sand and abundant palm trees.

Golf – probably the most known golf courses on the south of Dominican Republic are 3 championship golf courses in Casa de Campo. One of them is the famous “Teeth of The Dog” which is ranked 34th in the world. Another Golf course is called La Estancia, even closer to Bayahibe / Dominicus resort than the Casa de Campo golf courses, it offers a great golfing too for a bit lower price.

Santo Domingo – the capital city of Dominican Republic and also the oldest city in the New World, founded by Spanish conquerors. You can visit Los Tres Ojos, the Lighthouse of Columbus which is a historical mausoleum where Christopher Columbus’ remains rest.  You will also see the first cathedral in America, the notable colonial monument, “Basilica of Our Lady of Santa Maria La Menor.”

Altos De Chavon is a replica of a 17th century Mediterranean village located just minutes from La Romana and a short car / taxi ride from Bayahibe and Dominicus resorts. You will find artists studios, craft-shops, galleries, restaurants and bars for all types of visitors. And of course the beautiful 5,000 seat amphitheater that still attracts big name artists. Check the event calendar to see who is in while here and don’t miss it!

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