Buggy rides and getting muddy is always fun. Come for a half day of an exciting ride through a river, sugar cane fields, stop at the local village and enjoy the scenery around.

You will be transported to a countryside, not too far from Bayahibe village and start your buggy ride through a jungle and fields, stop at the local farm and taste the seasonal tropical fruits growing there at that time. You will continue the exciting journey off road so get ready to get dirty. You will go through puddles, sometimes pretty big, especially if we had rain the day before, so you might get really messy. Continue towards Chavon river to wash off all the mud. Have a bathing suit with you if you want to go for a swim too. After all the fun you will be heading back to Bayahibe where you started your day. 

You can drive in a buggy just by yourself, or in a 2 seater with a friend. If you come as a family of 3 or 4, you can all go together in a 4 seater buggy or each of you can drive solo and maybe have a mini race (of course not on a road!)




What is included:
protective glasses, professional guide, drinks

What to bring:
comfortable clothes and shoes that can get muddy, scarf to cover your face (can be purchased in the morning before the ride)

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